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Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Blog

Hello blogging world!
Let me introduce myself. My name is Andrea and I am 22....almost 23 years old. I wanted to start a blog simply because I spend hours on end reading foodie blogs and it seems like a fun thing to do. I am currently a nanny for two little girls who are 2 and 4 and they keep me very busy! I graduated last May with a teaching degree and hope to find a teaching job sometime this summer. In my free time I love to workout, read, cook, eat, and hang out with family and friends and of course my wonderful boyfriend Aaron. 
I am working on becoming a long distance runner. I ran my first 5k a couple summers ago and got really inspired. I have ran four since then and am signing up in February to run Grandma's half marathon in Duluth, MN this coming June!  I am struggling with finding time to run long distances at the moment because of the wonderful MN weather. I hate the cold and I find it very hard to get motivated to run outside in any temperature below the 30s. I also hate long distances on the treadmill but am working on getting over that. I also workout at Anytime Fitness and am starting to lift weights every other day and I LOVE cardio machines, especially their new stair master! 
I have recently just finished reading the book called Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. Great book! It started out super slow but in the end I got goosebumps and fell in love with the book. Highly reccomend it! I just started the book called Room written by Emma Donoghue. It is very interesting. I'll let you know when I am finished. 
So when it comes to what I eat and what I cook I try to be healthy but don't do a great job at sticking to that. I love chocolate and ice cream and we tend to go out and eat greasy bad for you food very often. For breakfast I had Chocolate Chex, usually I love eating a big breakfast but we went to the Brad Paisley concert last night and when we got home at 1 am we ordered the big box meal from Pizza Hut so my belly was still very full! Back to the chex, these things are so delicious! I usually eat this cereal dry but had it with some skim milk this morning and it was delicious! 
Planning on making some homemade hummus this afternoon for the first time! I will post later and let you know how it goes :) 

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